Arashi's Tamao of Aila

Born: 7/6 - 19
Nickname: Eevee

Eevee is Roxy's half sister(same mother)
She will be staying with us from now

Arashi's Joyfull Jessie of Angel

Born: 15/01-10
PL: Free
Nickname: Jessie

As her mother a happy dog who loves life.
The tiny dog in our pack.
Jessie is dauther of Angel and Aron.
About 5-6kg

Snowmaiden's Villemo

Born: 11/03-11
PL: 2/0
Nickname: Mia

Mia is a joyfull chihuahua who knows wath she wants.
She is mainly my sisters dog and she lives with her, but she is allso in our pack from time to time. She's a large female 4Kg

Moneva's Unique Ulla of Olivia

PL: Free
Nickname: Yuki

Oh yes Yuki
Yuki is and will always be mommys girl.
She's is a lovely girl full of funn and joy. She comes from kennel Moneva(thank you Mona for trusting me with this girl.
About 7.5kg

Krohnegårdens Play With Me

Born: 10/03-14
PL: Free
Nickname: Wisa

Wisa, the dog we felt in love with at first sigth. Shes the playfull in the pack, always trying to get the other once to play with her.
I'v allways heard never by a dog on a impulse. Well thats what we did and we dont regret it.
She's from kennel Krohnegården(thank you Trude for this loveley girl).
About 7kg

Nuvh Arashi's Opal of Aila

Born: 15/03-16
Pl: Free
Nickname: Roxy

Roxy is our new female. She is a girl with a attitude and drive so its going to be fun to show her when we can start shoing her.
Roxy is a direcet female line from our veteran Angel.
Aila, Roxy's mother is Angel's daugther so she is our third generation.

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