Arashi's pPrecious Oliver of Yuki

Born: 11/03-16
PL: To young
Nickname: Oliver

Oliver is a male after Yuki still a bit young but he looks god so far.
He is as Roxy a grandson of Angel but on the male side. Still he an Roxy are not som much related.
Its going to be fun to show them both when they are old enough.

Moneva's Rai of Atena

Born: 17/10-09
PL: Free
Nickname: Billy

Billy is av loveley familydog who loves cuddles and to run free with other dogs in the forrest.
He dos not thrive in the showring so we dont bother him with that annymoore hes got excellent from dogshows.
He is a male of god size.
About 10.5kg

Sun on the top Basco

Born: 25/05-12
Pl: ?
Nickname: Simba

Simba came to us as a replacement dog.
he looks good and has a nice temper.
Simba is 10kg and just the same size as Billy

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